Return of the Hustle: The Art of Marketing with Music

Has a commercial ever brought you to tears? Has a movie ever inspired you so much you change your way of life? Has the series finale of a television show ever broken your heart? Has a video game ever altered your perception of reality?If you're like most consumers, you answered 'yes' to at least one of those questions.

Whether you remember it or not, the music of that ad, film, show or game probably played a big role in influencing your emotional response during that experience.

In fact, music is included in media specifically for the purpose of connecting with audiences on a deeper level that visuals alone cannot access. A strong music strategy is fundamental to the success of television, film, brands and video games. Because of higher expectations for audiovisual content, it will take more than clever animation or a celebrity cameo to connect with consumers in an authentic, organic way. By providing audiences with a genuine music experience, whether with an exclusive song through an artist partnership or by featuring new music from an emerging band, you can build a bond that extends far beyond product experience. Music touches us emotionally in a way that words seldom do. We feel it, we remember it.

In Return of The Hustle, a leading music and marketing industry insider discusses the diverse audio touchpoints for four key industries and shows how marketers, storytellers, and advertisers can use music to effectively guide audiences along the customer journey from passive consumers to brand advocates.

Return of The Hustle provides readers with a blueprint for music strategy that professionals at any level in any industry can use to attract consumers, immerse them into the content, and extend relationships between them and the brand long after the commercial ends or the credits roll. With detailed case studies, exhaustive interviews, and thorough research, Return of the Hustle gives readers the playbook to use the marketing power of music to drive business results.

When brands integrate music deeply into their marketing strategies, whether it’s with advertisements or with live activations, they are connecting with their consumers in a very meaningful and intimate way. In Return of the Hustle, Eric shows to all of us who leverage music as part of the content we create (creative directors, brand managers, music supervisors…) exactly how to do it effectively and efficiently across all marketing touch points.
— Emmanuel Seuge, Senior Vice President of Content, The Coca-Cola Company
I am fascinated by the universal emotion music creates on people worldwide. And advertising is all about emotions. Now there’s a step by step process to guide the ability to create the most meaningful emotional connections through the use of music in advertising.
— Yannick Bolloré, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Havas